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Scale Maze to
1024x768 的熒幕適宜選 100% 。
1280x1024 的熒幕適宜選 125% 。
No immediate effect, effective after you start a new game.
100% of 30x20 maze fits into 1024x768 screen.
125% of 30x20 maze fits into 1280x1024 screen.
Select player
可因應個人喜好及迷宮的樣式或背景的顏色選角。 Select player to your prefence. Or choice player that works well in your selection of theme due to its color.
Maze Style
不同的迷宮樣式提供不同的難度。也可依迷宮的大小而選擇理想的樣式。 Different style provids diffent level of difficulty. Size of maze may also be taken into consideration when selecting the style.

Keep background
選新迷宮樣式時,會沿用當前地面背景。用意提供更多的樣式組合,試試看看吧。 Keep the ground pattern from selecting a new style. There are many combinations to your choice.
Online List. Click to play.
After all preferences have been selected, click one of the maze to start the game. System will select a maze you did not play before randomly for you.
All mazes are updated around every week. So if you have time and want fun, come often. You will never be disappointed.
More list
建議使用較快的電腦及使用 IE 時選用。 IE 需要大約 2 分鐘建立最大的迷宮,Netscape 則要超過 10 分鐘!
除 2 至 3 及第 5 項外,選其他大小的迷宮時,瀏覽器都會發出 “script 致使 Internet Explorer 執行速度變慢”的警告。 請選擇按鍵 [否(N)] 繼續執行網頁上的 script, 這麼大的迷宮當然需要時間去建立及顯示。
A fast machince is recommanded to play such large mazes. IE is recommanded because Netscape needs over ten minutes to render the biggest maze while IE needs around two minutes.
Besides items 2, 3 and 5, you will be alerted :
"A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly."
Please select [No] to let the script run. Your machine needs time to show such huge maze. Please be patient.
Played Cache List. Play again?
Maze Code
Fewest Steps
Total Steps
Best Time
曾經玩過的迷宮可以再玩,而且離線後仍可玩,只要你的電腦有足夠的 cache 。
迷宮編號的首 3 個數字是迷宮的闊度,跟隨的 3 個數字是迷宮的高度。
因為每個迷宮可玩多次,所以有最佳步數、總步數及最佳時間。 最短的最佳步數就是該迷宮的最短解題。
All mazes played before can be played again and even you are offline when you have enabled the cache.
The first 3 digits of Maze Code shows the width of that maze and the following three shows the height.
Since you can play a maze as many times as you want, so there are Fewest Steps, Total Steps and Best Time are shown. The Perfect Fewest Steps is the shortest solution you have made of that maze.