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I wanted to write a maze game application long ago before the Web was born. But I did not have enough computer knownledge to figure out the algorithm to create a "prefect" maze. I thought since I did not study in computer science, there might be no way for me to make it. I even did not know what algorithm is that time. I gave up.

Until these days, as my computer knownledge grows, I suddenly figured out the algorithm. I created the maze programme. Played the mazes and had fun and also upsetted when I was lost in the mazes feeling hopeless. Oh no, how can a maze game without solution and hints provided. Right, I didn't write the solution yet!

I tried many times in many ways but all failed. I had to give up again. Really give up, I said to myslef.

However the problem was still hanging around on my mind untill, finially, I got something. There was still hope. I reconstructed my logic. Solved some minor bugs and built the solution path.

I have to thank Javascript. Without Javascript, I don't know I can write the maze game or not. Javascript is the most fantastic language for building application prototype.

The story I really want to tell is some feelings I got when I wrote this maze and play with it. I found when I was lost and lost hope in a huge maze, if I still could hang on, I could always find the way out, just like I wrote this maze game.

Finally, the most important words I want to say:
No matter what trouble you are in, don't bother your head about it. Somehow there should be a way to solve your problem. That time will come. If the time is not yet come, come here and play a huge maze. Don't give up. You should always can find a way out in the maze. After you have made it, you may also find a way to solve your problem. You may get hints to solve your problem when playing the maze. Good luck.