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網上迷宮遊戲 Online Maze Games
John Schram's JavaScript Maze Game
  • 隨機產生的“理想”迷宮
  • 整幅迷宮參考地圖
  • 顯示作經週圍環境或全無顯示
  • Randomly generated "perfect" mazes
  • Map feature displays the entire maze
  • Several visibility options to choose from
Java Maze Applet 立體迷宮
  • 在畫面上顯示整幅或部分參考地圖
  • 參考地圖可放大縮小
  • 在參考地圖上顯示逃離路徑
  • 動畫式播放逃離路徑
  • 三款控制按鍵
  • 迷宮分十級大小
3d perspective maze.
  • Overlay partly or entire map
  • Map zoomable
  • Solution on map
  • Solution autoplay
  • 3 sets of key controls
  • Fast
  • Size from 12x12 to 300x240 in 10 levels
Maze Box 用滑鼠控制的迷宮。 Here are many kinds of mazes. You will get lost.

迷宮資訊 About Maze and Maze Games
Maze Maker 隨機產生可隨意設定不同大小、路徑闊度、牆壁厚度、顏色的迷宮圖像。 Generate maze randomly to your specifications.
If you want to generate a different maze with the same specifications... with most browsers, you can simply reload the page and you will get a different maze. If that doesn't work, your browser is broken and you might have to clear the cache.
Maze Classification 詳述迷宮的產生方法、解題方法及迷宮的分類。 A list of Maze generation methods, Maze solving methods, and classes of Mazes in general.
A Short History of Mazes 迷宮的歷史 Mazes go back in history at least 4,000 years. For the first 3,000 years they were entirely in the form of unicursal Labyrinths, consisting of a single convoluted path, without junctions. These labyrinths were not puzzles, but instead were for ritual walking, running and processions.
Caerdroia - the journal of mazes and labyrinths 迷宮及迷津的歷史、設計方法及如何使用。 An introduction to the history, design and use of mazes and labyrinths.
The journal for all those interested in following the winding path.
Follow Ariadne's golden thread to find out more on mazes and labyrinths.